Casual boarding program

Our casual boarding program means your child can stay in the Boarding House for an extended short stay for a definite purpose. You can have peace of mind knowing your child is being cared for in a safe, supportive and familiar environment. They can also get help with their homework from a member of the academic staff.

Who uses casual boarding?

This option may suit busy parents who, from time to time, are away from home. It may also suit families who live out of town and are finding it difficult to juggle after-school commitments (various activities, staggered pick-up times, dinner and homework) without exhausting themselves and their children.


Your child can stay overnight in the Boarding House for up to three nights each week over several weeks.


7.30 Breakfast (or earlier by arrangement) and make packed lunch
8.00 Make bed, clean teeth, pack school bags
8.05 Put bags on the bag trailer (collect at school)
8.15 Walk to school (15 minutes)
after school
3.30 Walk to Boarding House (where afternoon tea is provided)
after-school activity (can arrange a pick up)
tutoring/study session in Senior Campus library
NB: Students are not permitted to go into town
6.00 Dinner (everyone must attend unless at an activity)
7.00 Prep (homework) for all students
8.30 Prep finishes for Years 7 to 9
9.00 Prep finishes for Years 10 to 12


Casual boarders are required to follow all School and Boarding House rules. Students and their parents must be aware of all Boarding House rules.

You will need

* Sheet/doona/pillow or sleeping bag and pillow
* Toiletries
* Casual clothes (to change into after school)
* All books you need for homework
* Any other equipment you may need for school/camp/excursions etc
* A mobile phone with credit (so you can contact home if required)


Casual Boarding is $80 per night (charged to your school account).

Enquiries and bookings

Please contact the Director of Boarding, Mr Alexander Smith on 0407 052 214 to ask about availability and to book.