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What academic support will my child receive?

Our Head of International Students, Mrs Murphy closely monitors the academic progress of all international students. Any teacher concerns about student progress are immediately forwarded to Mrs Murphy.

All students have access to two hours of academic support in the College Library after school hours. In addition, Boarders have access to rostered teachers for assistance at the two-hour Prep (homework) sessions each evening.
If there is a specific need for further tutorial assistance in any subject, Mrs Murphy can organise extra one-on-one tutorials for international students. These are at an extra cost since this service is external to the College program.

All students receive subject reports each term. Parents of international students can then email Mrs Murphy to arrange Parent/Teacher interviews with subject teachers via Skype. A Chinese translator is available for these if needed.

What pastoral support will my child receive?

We have a strong emphasis on pastoral care and all students have a Mentor Teacher with whom they meet daily. They are also grouped in a House which encourages them to become involved in a range of activities and monitors their social and academic progress.

All international students are also closely monitored and assisted by Mrs Murphy in their academic, social and personal welfare. As Boarders, international students are also assisted and supported by Mr Smith the Director of Boarding and the staff at the Boarding House.

What specific support is there for international students?

Our international program is well established and structured. It is designed to support our international students as they learn to live in a new country and to help them integrate with Australian students.

Mrs Mourphy is the contact point for all concerns of international parents or students. He is available by telephone or email.
The College also translates into Chinese important information and communications. Emails or telephone calls to Mrs Murphy can on arrangement be translated for parents who wish to communicate in Chinese.
International parents receive a newsletter each term in Chinese specifically dealing with international students’ activities at the College that term.

Dr Hirst, the College Principal visits China each year and hosts Parent dinners so that parents of international students can meet with him and with other parents of our students.

Mrs Murphy attends all school Parent Information evenings with students to ensure that international students understand all information about subject and career choices. She also works closely with Mrs McClure, Director of Teaching and Learning and Mrs Manifold, our Careers Teacher, to ensure subjects and University preferences maximise Student opportunities.

All international students are encouraged to programs set up to develop friendships with Australian students and their families. These include community sport, home stay, church youth groups, extra-curricular activities such as golf, aviation and horsemanship. These aim to develop a network of friendships for support and the improvement of English.

International students are encouraged to take on positions of responsibility in senior years and international students have held a number of captain and prefect positions over the years.

Many international boarders are invited to stay with an Australian family and get to experience life on a farm for a short stay which they all enjoy. Others spend time with their Australian friends. We celebrate Chinese New Year each year with a BBQ and hold international lunches regularly.
Is there any specific assistance with English language when my child commences at the College?

The College offers an Intensive English L
anguage Course for students when they commence at the College. This course is run over 4 weeks at the beginning of Semester 1 (January) and Semester 2 (July). Classes are small containing no more than 8 students. The Intensive Language Course teacher assists students to develop vocabulary and the skills necessary to comprehend textbooks and understand spoken and written instructions

What support will my child receive when they first arrive in Australia?

Mrs Murphy will help your child with all aspects of orientation, including buying their uniform and books, setting up a bank account, arranging health cover, etc. Each student is assigned an Australian "buddy" in the same year level who assists with the familiarisation of the physical layout of the school and the daily routines.

What career advice will my child receive?

All students participate in a structured and comprehensive careers program starting in Year 9. As part of the program, they will receive 1-on-1 careers advice and help with their subject selection. Each student will be closely monitored in this area as they progress through the school. Our international students can seek specific advice about their pathway options to Australian universities.


Who do I contact for further information about enrolling?

Mrs Susie Holcombe
T +61 3 5572 1355
F +61 3 5572 4998
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PO Box 286 Hamilton Vic 3300

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