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VCE results

 20% of the College’s VCE students scored above 90, placing them in the top 10% nationally. 40% of students scored above 85 and over half the cohort scored above 80, enabling each girl and boy a plethora of post school tertiary options.

 Further excitement was generated with perfect 50/50 Study Scores in Studio Arts by Philippa Gan from Warrnambool and Madeleine Bradbeer, who also achieved a perfect score in Visual Communication Design in 2016.  Eloise McLean also achieved a perfect 50/50 score in English. These take the College’s tally to fourteen perfect Study Scores in eight years, with College students also having been honoured with eleven Premier’s Awards (for the State’s top 4 students in each subject) and two VCE Achiever Awards since 2007. 

 Principal Dr Andrew Hirst was delighted with the results.  We offer boys and girls a vast range of subjects across different disciplines to allow each student to discover their own study path, suited to their own strengths and interests.  Our results today are testament to the dedication of our students and teachers.  Members of this year’s close band of students have worked hard and should be proud of their results.”  College attributes its focus on student wellbeing, expert teaching, high expectations and academic assistance as central to its academic achievement. “We believe in a holistic approach to education where academic excellence is celebrated and we are also proud that this group of students is not only mind full but “mindful”.  These results bring great credit to them for living up to the pledge they selected: “Don’t wish for it, work for it”.” 

World Challenge trip

The students are travelling with World Challenge and have spent most of the year raising their own money for the trip. They will travel to remote areas and will be fully immersed in the Cambodian culture. The students will return on December 23rd.