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What's it like living in Australia?

Two of our international students tell us...

David Copley from Hong Kong
Studying at College is one of the greatest experiences I have had in my life. I have learned a lot and had many new opportunities. The students here are friendly and I have vastly improved my English skills through talking with my new friends. There are no limitations for me in Australia - I can choose to extend myself in any way I choose.

The boarding experience has helped me grow up and learn to become independent. Although I sometimes feel homesick, I have learned how to take care of myself both physically and socially. When I was sharing my room with an Australian student, we enjoyed sharing our thoughts and from this I learned a lot about our two cultures. We also helped each other during prep (homework) time - something I never had in Hong Kong.

Australians take things in a more relaxed manner which means less stress. I find this approach better for being able to maximise my performance through constant reflection. I also like that there are much less temptations here - this allows you to truly focus on your studies and even realise how important studying really is.

Jessie Li  from China
Studying at College, I have the wonderful opportunity to meet Australian students and to experience what life in Australia is like. I am able to improve my English because all my classes are in English and I speak it every day. My teachers are supportive and I really enjoy boarding and have the opportunity to develop friendships with other Australian students and international students outside school hours.

Life in the Boarding House is like staying with my family - they give us a lot of support. I have started horse riding (the riding centre is next door to the Boarding Houses) which I enjoy. I enjoy the Australian way of life very much. I am very welcomed to go to the homes of Australian students for the weekend and this is where I have the most experience of the Australian lifestyle.