Our students through the incredible opportunities provided by our twin Campus in China have the ability to appreciate and learn about another culture for 4 weeks as part of The Year 9 Experience.

This special program focuses on globalism and community and provides a range of enriching learning experiences as students increase their global awareness and develop greater independence and maturity.

In recent years students have also had the opportunity to join organised trips through the school to Gallipoli, England, France and Nepal.

CHINA - A student perspective

Year 9

 6 Weeks Beyond the Classroom

As part of the overall Year 9 Experience program students spend 6 weeks going beyond the classroom - this part of the program aims to give students confidence to put themselves forward, take risks and demonstrate leadership behaviour.

China Experience
4 weeks in China made up of:
  • 2 weeks where students live in their own boarding house and attend school at our twin campus, Gaoyou Middle School in Jiangsu Province
  • 12 days sightseeing in Shanghai, Xi’an and Beijing, visiting significant sites such as The Terracotta Warriors, The Forbidden City and The Great Wall
City Experience
1 week based in Melbourne's CBD where students gain insight into life in an inner urban environment and learn to cope with public transport and familiarise themselves with city life.

Outdoor Experience
1 week Adventure Camp in the Great Otway National Park where students pursue rigorous and challenging outdoor pursuits including abseiling, canoeing, rock climbing and bike riding.The camp is also designed to develop independence and self sufficiency as students learn to make many decisions on their own throughout the week.