The Middle Years curriculum is designed to stimulate learning, catering for the cognitive growth, at this important learning transition stage. It targets the learning level of each individual, as they move from a primary environment to the diverse environment of secondary schooling. Our specialist Middle Years staff are devoted to working with students who are at this stage of learning.

Middle Years students’ learning is closely monitored through the College’s wellbeing and academic programs. Students belong to a Mentor Group and have a close connection to their Mentoring teacher. Academic growth is tracked and individual needs are monitored through regular assessment and online progress reporting to parents. We place a strong emphasis on the three-way relationship between students-parents-teachers in the learning process.

Home learning is an expectation for all students and homework is set daily as consolidation of, or extension to, the classroom learning program. Personal organisation and effective work habits are cultivated through the daily use of a student Record Book and access to classroom resources using the College’s online SIMON Learning Management System.

The Middle Years program aims to develop students in a holistic manner, with a strong emphasis on well-being. Best-practice teaching aligned with the science of Positive Psychology offers students a wellbeing framework for optimum human functioning and flourishing within the learning community.

Our Learning Philosophy

Our learning philosophy is to promote:
  • a supportive, rigorous, challenging and productive learning environment
  • independence, interdependence, engagement and self motivation from the learner
  • deep levels of critical thinking and application, along with creative thinking for innovation
  • differentiation of students’ learning needs, which may include varying backgrounds, learning readiness, perspectives and developing interests
  • assessment as an integral part of the teaching and learning design cycle to ensure application of relevant skills, knowledge and understanding
  • learning programs designed to equip students with communication and collaboration skills required for the 21st Century and to ensure students are globally connected and prepared for future learning, citizenship and work.

The Curriculum Guide for Middle Years (6-8) outlines learning structures, assessment, reporting and core subject descriptions.