Our students learn invaluable life skills through participating in age-appropriate outdoor education experiences throughout their time at the College.
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Year Level Camps

Years 1 to 5
From 1-night camps for students in Year 1 building to 3-day outdoor education camping programs for Years 5 students

Year 7
Orientation camp in February at Mount Gambier to encourage group participation and cooperation (2 days)

Outdoor Education adventure camp in the Lower Glenelg National Park in November (3 days).

Year 8
Expedition-based 5-day hiking journey around the Angahook State Park and AUSCAMP's property near Anglesea.

Year 9
8-day adventure camp in the Great Otway National Park as part of the Year 9 Experience.

Year 10
The Great Challenge over 3 days in the Black Range State Park on the western side of the Grampians National Park.

Elective Program

Based in various natural environments around Victoria (trips range from a half-day to overnight) for students in Years 9 and 10.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award


This elective program operates worldwide for students between the ages of 14 and 25, starting at Bronze level through to Silver and Gold levels.

It aims to develop the qualities of self-reliance, initiative and social awareness through participation in a non-competitive program of voluntary activities involving community service, physical recreation, skill development and expeditions.

Past College students have met the requirements of the program by working in libraries, hospitals and schools (Service) and by arranging expeditions featuring bushwalking, horse riding and canoeing (Expedition).

Compass Award
The College is registered to host Award Victoria's Compass Award.
The Compass Award is promoted as 'a programme of discovery for young people10-14 years' and is geared to the development of the individual child. In structure, the award is similar to The Duke of Edinburgh Award. The programme is voluntary, non-competitive and aimed at the individual's interests and abilities under the banner of 'Physical activity, exploration, hobbies and volunteering. Individual students must negotiate their own programme with a coordinator.

Through completing the award participants should develop self- esteem, confidence, an awareness of the community and a desire to help others.In addition they should develop a feeling of ownership and 'engagement' in their formal and informal education.