The College takes great pride in our sense of community and recognises the vital role played by Parents and Friends in drawing together members of our community to continue this important tradition. Parents and Friends aims to:
  • promote a feeling of community within the College
  • provide social opportunities for College parents
  • raise funds in support of College projects that enhance the education of our students
Donations Donated $200,000 to the College in 2008-09; $40,000 in 2010
Donated $50,000 in 2012.
Donated $150,000 in 2013
Donated $80,000 in 2014
Donated to the Hamilton Eisteddford
Donated to the Student Excellence and Achievement Prizes at Speech Day

2016 Parents and Friends Executive Committee

President: Jane Barrie
Vice President: Erica James
Secretary: Di Austin
Treasurer: Jodie Russell

How to Get Involved

We would love to hear from anyone interested in participating in any way, big or small. It really is a great opportunity to meet other parents while making a positive contribution to the College.

Jane Barrie