Our Principal

Dr Andrew Hirst

 Dr Andrew Hirst is the Principal of The Hamilton and Alexandra College. With a passion for lifelong learning he has a strong belief that our educational vision should nurture creativity and ensure engagement.

“A truly holistic education remains central to my educational philosophy aspiring to develop young men and women who have outstanding depth of character, strong intellect, are willing to be themselves at their best and who will proudly serve others both now and into the future. My passion for what youth can achieve drives my educational philosophy. They must feel safe in their physical environment but also emotionally secure in the complex world of social media and global uncertainty".

Dr Hirst is a passionate educator bringing a wealth of experience to the College. With 13 years of close involvement with the senior executive leadership team in two schools, firstly as Director of Boarding at  Kinross Wolaroi and later as Deputy Principal at Newington College Sydney, Dr Hirst brings experience and skills in strategic plan implementation, governance, team development, leadership and community engagement.

A teacher of Modern History he  is a strong supporter of the performing arts, sport, debating and outdoor education having had considerable involvement with coaching school sporting teams and embracing a variety of school activities and productions.

Dr Hirst, who commenced at the College in 2016, has a Doctor of Philosophy in Education and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from the University of Sydney.