School Captains 2017

Lukas Egger and Eloise McLean

In your role as School Captain, what is important to you?


The most important thing for me is to be a bridge between the students and the teachers of the school. By working together and observing the positives and negatives of the school and the changes that have been made, co operation can result in amazing results and an overall happier and healthier learning environment for any student or teacher.

Eloise :

In this role it is important to me, after watching the amazng students come and go before us, to include everyone and to be open to the new, the unexplored,the challenges and making the most of every opportunity.

What do you find special about College?

The College has always been an incredibly accepting place not only for myself, but others too. As a school it accommodates everyone, whether their field of interest lies in sport, music,art,academics or drama. It is this characteristic which makes it special. The school also provides a friendly and comfortable environment to thrive in.


I have always felt that the international adventures and understanding that students from the country get at the College - China,UN, World Challenge - is something special and valuable that drew me in quickly and still pushes and intrigues me.

What do you bring to the role?

I try to bring a balanced view of the school and a recognition for everything that it offers. Having tried my hand at almost all opportunities that the College has offered I try to value each one as much as the rest. I believe that students follow or take advice from those who’ve had experience and practice at an activity, not those who simply watch it all happen. That is what I’ve striven to be throughout my previous years and will continue to do my best as a role model in everything the College has to offer.


I hope that I can bring to the role a passion and enthusiasm in everything I do, sharing it with the school and develop our school unity, community connections and global awareness, by offering all in my capacity to our big, new group.