School Captains 2019

Isabella Bradbeer and James Sutherland

In your role as School Captains what is important to you?

As leaders, we believe it is most important to serve. As School Captains, it is vital that we serve and represent our school with pride and optimism. It is important that we not only listen to the students, staff, parents and friends within the College community to hear their voices and ideas, but also to involve our school in the wider community. We also strive to involve all Year 12 students in our leadership initiatives, so everyone has an opportunity to lead.

Inspiring others through actions and ideas rather than speeches is  incredibly important to us, as we believe that bringing others with you through your actions is vital to being a good leader.

What do you bring to the role?

This year, we aim to challenge and support the students at College, focusing largely on the mental health initiatives from previous years because we believe that it is an important aspect in the life of a student. We also hope to see all students thrive in different areas (sport, music, drama etc) and also challenge them to get out of their comfort zones and try new things, which is another important part of growing up.

We have been attending the Senior School for six years and not only do we hope to bring our school life experience to the role, but also our enthusiasm and passion, and translate that into the role’s demands throughout the year.




What do you find special about the College?

The College has a friendly warmth which is inclusive of a diverse range of students. From international students to students off farms, our schools’ size allows for individual support to ensure all students get the best results and experience out of their education. The supportive staff and student environment makes each student feel comfortable to flourish in all areas of their education.

We also both look back fondly on the experiences we have had at our six years at the College - from was trying new sports, going to ICCES sports competitions, trying out for a play or musical, going on challenging week-long camps, to competing at state-wide music festivals. Each and every one of these experiences have taught us many valuable lessons and new skills, shaping us into the young leaders we are today.

The College provides a place for everyone; and a place where all students feel included, feel wanted and feel involved in the school.