School Captains 2018

Claudia Roberts and Sami Zehir

In your role as School Captains what is important to you?

As School Captains, it is vital we represent our fellow students interests, ideas and endeavours. Student voice is extremely important to both of us, and our school. As leaders we believe the ability to share, create and connect is integral for not only student development, but the growth of our amazing school community as a whole.

To be a leader is to inspire, and we aim to be more than just Captains, but role models and friends for every member of our diverse College family.


What do you bring to the role?

Our commitment to service and our passion for helping others has guided us both through life, and now we hope to share these qualities with our peers. Over our five years at College, we have developed a strong understanding of others and an ability to empathise with a variety of people.

We aren't all born leaders, leaders grow, and we aim to encourage these values throughout the lives of all students, whether it be in competition, academic endeavour, creativity or personal challenges.


What do you find special about the College?

Our Year 12 motto 'Alone we are strong, together we are stronger' stems from what we love the most about College. The school's close-knit community and strong relationships are what we find truly special. The accepting and inclusive nature allows a variety of people to come together, thrive and feel a sense of belonging like no other.

Athletes to artists, farmers to foreigners, adventurers to academics, this is an incredibly diverse and supportive community. We have been lucky enough to be a part of it and we can't wait to welcome new people and share our wonderful school with them.