Our curriculum structure is designed to provide depth of learning in the Senior Years and culminates in both VCE and VETis offerings at Year 10 onwards. Students are guided to refine their individual learning profile, as the diversity and range of subjects for selection increases. This is a collaborative process that supports and challenges every student to achieve their personal best in all areas. We know how important it is to work closely with families and place a strong emphasis on the vital three-way relationship between students-parents-teachers throughout the decision making process.

Our learning philosophy is to promote:
a) a supportive, rigorous, challenging and productive learning environment
b) independence, interdependence, engagement and self motivation from the learner
c) deep levels of critical thinking and application, along with creative thinking for innovation
d) differentiation of students 'learning needs, which may include varying backgrounds, learning readiness, perspectives and developing interests
e) assessment as an integral part of the teaching and learning design cycle to ensure application of relevant skills, knowledge and understanding
f) learning programs designed to equip students with communication and collaboration skills required for the 21st Century and to ensure students are globally connected and prepared for future learning, citizenship and work.

The Curriculum Guide for Senior Years for Year 11 and 12 outlines learning structures, the course selection process, VCE and VETis advice and course descriptions

The Curriculum Guide for Senior Years for Year 9 and 10 outlines learning structures, Core Learning subjects,Pathway subject offerings, VCE and VETis advice, course selection processes and course descriptions.

VET Handbook

Hospitality Handbook

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