Our students learn to take an active role in managing their own career development so they are prepared for the rapid changes to learning and work and the challenges of today's world.

Our Career Education program provides our students with strategies to make informed career decision and life-long transitions.
They liaise with local business, tertiary providers and professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

Our Careers Centre provides a transition hub where students are encouraged and assisted in investigating productive, fulfilling and diverse post-school pathway options.


Year 7
Students discover their strengths and interests to develop a positive self-image and learn how this impacts on future life and work roles.

Year 8
Students explore occupational profiles and how their strengths and interests influence possible career options.

Year 9
Students focus on how individual characteristics such as interests, skills, values, beliefs and attributes contribute to achieving personal, social, educational and professional goals. They participate in vocational assessment, formulate a Career Action Plan and explore Industry Insight placement options.

Year 10
Students undertake further vocational assessment, prepare for and complete Industry Insight placements and participate in debriefing sessions where work roles and work environments are analysed and compared. Their increasing self-knowledge and understanding of the education and training requirements inform decisions about career goals. Students explore practical skills such as resume writing, application methods and interview techniques.

Year 11
Students focus on confirming and managing their Career Action Plan, ensuring it reflects their interests, skills, abilities, attitudes and academic performance. They learn more about post-school options, further education and training requirements as well as the role of the labour market and the need for versatility and flexibility. Students fine-tune their resumes and identify transferrable skills as they apply for leadership roles and employment for their Year 12 year.

Year 12
Students critically examine their career goals and personal characteristics. They have a sound knowledge of requirements for their planned further education, training or employment options as well as alternative pathway strategies. They effectively use a range of career resources and mentors, are confident in their marketing skills and are effectively organised to meet deadlines.

Alumni - Ongoing Career-Life Development
Past students can access career resources and support as well as career and occupational information to research a range of job types to fit their interest and skills. They also explore labour market trends and identify networking opportunities.