Year 10: Learning Leadership

Our progressive Learning Leadership program aims to recognise a student’s involvement in the school’s co-curricular and academic programs. It also aims to develop leadership skills to prepare students for future leadership positions and for the challenges of VCE. Possible activities include undertaking a community service component, developing public speaking skills, assisting with the organisation of a community event or completing a Level 1 First Aid course.

Year 11: Connecting with the Community

This program aims to increase each student’s awareness of the needs of people in the community and to build their tolerance and understanding. Students work closely with community members with a disability and with young children from our Junior School. Students also participate in Leadership Day which outlines clearly the expectations for students entering Year 12.

Year 12: Leadership

Our Year 12 students apply for leadership positions through a rigorous and structured process. Each Year 12 leader has a portfolio and is expected to fulfil the requirements of this position.
The portfolios provide support to

Middle Years
Public Relations
Year 12 Matters
International Matters
Social Service and Welfare