Effort, Participation and Enjoyment

We value effort, participation and enjoyment in our sporting programs and we are also very proud to be a Centre for Sporting Excellence. The College's sports program follows the Five Domains of Positive Functioning:
  1. Legacy - role modelling, sportsmanship and memories
  2. Commitment - service, communication and teamwork
  3. Passion - pride, enjoyment and determination
  4. Character - resilience, initiative and mindset
  5. Mastery - challenge, achievement and growth
Our students can choose from a wide range of sports at various levels and all students participate in sporting activities at least once a week throughout the year. Students with a talent in a particular sport have the opportunity to receive specialist training and competition.


We have excellent on-site sporting facilities and our students also have easy access to many community sporting facilities, all of which are within easy walking distance or a quick bus trip away from the school.

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Students can participate in over 50 sports.

Our teams are strongly involved in local competition including rowing, cricket, football, swimming, basketball, hockey, tennis, athletics, table tennis, cross-country running, netball, horse riding and clay-target shooting.

Our students represent the school in two sporting associations.Locally, we compete as part of the Glenelg Division (GD) and we're also a long term member of the Independent Country Co-Educational Schools (ICCES) Association. Our students compete in basketball, netball, rowing, cricket, football, hockey, cross-country, running, athletics, triathlon, super 8s cricket, swimming, clay target shooting, soccer, horse riding, triathlon, badminton, table tennis and golf..