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We value the wonderful contribution our international students make to College life. Our international students come from a wide range of countries, Hong Kong,China and Korea. They live in the boarding houses with students who come from throughout Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales.
We are very proud of our outstanding academic results. But our students leave College to embrace their future with so much more than a score that will open doors. They are well-rounded, happy students who are equipped with the skills and capacity to the leaders and problem solvers of the 21st Century. All of our students can pursue exciting sport, music and drama opportunities.


We offer an environment that is safe and ideal for study, away from distractions. Our international students are warmly welcomed and cared for both in the boarding environment and while at school. 


We have a well established and structured international program. Our Heads of House together with the Director of Boarding are responsible for the international orientation program and making sure there is open and frequent communication with each student. They are also responsible for monitoring the progress of each student and communicating any concerns to parents. 


Our boarding houses are set among the beautiful and rambling gardens of the heritage-listed Myrniong homestead and surrounded by lawn and trees. Boarders can also walk to many nearby community facilities and opportunities to visit the city, seaside and inland locations.

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