Today we woke up, grabbed our bowls and spoons and ate breakfast, we got to leave our swags out because they were wet from the day before. The group got to walk and ride around the town of Marree to see the locals and the sights. After we looked around we met at the MCG, where we played footy. After kicking the footy we had to head back to the camp to pack up our gear while a group rode bikes down the Oodnadatta track. 

We caught up to the group of people that were riding the bikes, picked them up and headed off up the track. The scenery was really pretty and it was amazing to see the different landscapes. We stopped at Wangiatta train station had a look around then got back on the bus and headed off towards Lake Eyre. 60km out of Marree our trailer snapped on the back of the bus, so we got out of the bus and made lunch. After lunch we had some reflection time while the adults used some interesting skills to temporarily fix the trailer. After about 2 hours, we were back on the road. 

We arrived at Lake Eyre It was a really special place to see, even though we didn’t see any water on the lake,  we could see massive patches of salt. 

We were on the road for a bit longer listening to music, when we arrived at Coward springs, while the groups where cooking dinner we found a man called Nick the Dutch Clog guy who had a welder to fix the broken trailer.  Every group had a good dinner and some people headed down to the hot springs and some sat around the fire to stay warm before we headed to bed with a big day ahead.

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